Cyber Insurance

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Why choose Robertson Low for your clients’ Cyber Insurance?

Cyber Risk insurance, also known as Cyber Liability insurance, is one of the fastest growing areas of cover as businesses become ever more reliant on technology.

The risk of losing funds or data, or technology being denied or failing due to accidental or malicious interference, has never been greater.

Cyber incidents can disrupt businesses through reputational damage, operational downtime, financial loss, and legal action

Getting cyber security and information protection right can be a challenge for all companies, no matter their size.

Robertson Low has a team of cyber professionals to help you provide the right cover for your clients

We provide protection for businesses for the following exposures:

  • Cyber Crime
  • Business Interruption
  • Privacy and Network Liability
  • System Damage
  • Fines & Penalties

Policies generally include access to a team of advisors on risk management in the event of a breach.

No business is safe from cybercrime – speak to us to make sure your clients are covered.

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