Cyber insurance resolutions

10 Cyber insurance resolutions

Cyber security concerns have come to the forefront for many businesses due to accelerated digital transformations, increased remote working, and the rise in more sophisticated cyber-attacks. Consequently, our cyber specialist Lesley Fitzpatrick has compiled a list of 10 cyber-related resolutions to help keep clients safe and secure during the year:

    1. I will change all passwords on my personal and work devices.
    2. I will check and install updates on laptops, computers and mobile phones.
    3. I will install and update anti-virus software.
    4. I will strongly reconsider clicking on unknown links or attachments in emails.
    5. I will use dual authentication (via telephone) when authorising payments to new partners.
    6. I will be aware of the personal information that you put out on social media accounts.
    7. I will implement a regular backup plan for external hard drives.
    8. I will apply encryption on handheld devices.
    9. I will talk to fellow employees, friends and families about safety online.
    10. I will talk to Robertson Low about how a Cyber insurance policy can protect my business today!

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