Savings & Investments

Make your money work harder.

It’s always nice to think about what you would do with a windfall. But why wait for a windfall when you can take control of your finances and grow your own funds? Whether you’re saving for a holiday, your children’s education, or a new home, we can help you make the most of your finances through Savings and Investments.

Savings and Investment plans are a way of making your funds do more for you. You control what your money is invested in, and can potentially achieve a greater return than from a regular deposit account.

To help you decide between saving or investing, there are a few factors to keep in mind, for example:

  • Are you new to saving, or do you have some funds already?
  • Would you prefer to put something aside each month or use a lump sum?
  • Are your saving goals long-term or short-term?
  • How much risk are you comfortable taking?

Of course, investments are risky, and the value of your investment can go up or down. This is why good savings and investment management is important and allows you to control how much risk you’d like to take. Naturally, the higher the risk you take, the higher the potential return.

Choosing a savings or investment plan can be a daunting process. There’s a large selection of products available and many personal factors to consider. Our Robertson Low advisors specialise in helping you make the right choice, with a savings or investment plan tailored to you. Talk to us when you’re ready to find out more.

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