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Your PRSA is a personal fund that allows you to save for your retirement. It’s typically an affordable and flexible way to plan for your future. Although you’ll make regular payments to your PRSA, you can increase or decrease these payments as you like, without facing extra charges.

You can also put your payments on hold if needed, or make larger one-off contributions when it suits you (though there can be limits to these, depending on your particular policy).

Although your employer can also contribute to your PRSA, your pension is independent of work. You can set one up whether or not you’re currently employed, and if you switch between jobs, your PRSA comes with you.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a PRSA is an investment. When you retire, your benefits are based on your contributions and the interest earned on those contributions. This means that the value of your PRSA can go up and down.

The conditions vary by provider and there are both Standard and Non-standard PRSAs available. At Robertson Low our specialists are here to talk you through the various options and ensure you get the best value from only the most reputable providers.

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