Executive Pension

Time to make an executive decision.

An Executive Pension is a plan set up by an employer to help an employee save for their retirement. It is usually made for executive employees, directors or employees in small-to-medium businesses.
 Both the employer and the employee can make contributions, through regular and one-time payments.

An Executive Pension is also a very tax efficient investment for both the company and employee. Of course, being an investment, it’s worth bearing in mind that the value of your pension may go up or down. Your benefits upon retirement are based on both the contributions made and the growth that’s been earned on them.

Usually, you’ll receive a partial lump sum when you first retire and the rest of the fund continues to be invested.

At Robertson Low, our advisors will help you arrange your pension, taking time to make sure you understand your pension’s terms as well as ensuring you get the best possible value from your investment. To hear more, get in touch.

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