Liability Insurance

Protection against the unforeseen.

Liability Insurance protects you or your company against claims made by others for death, bodily harm, illness or disease as well as physical loss or damage to property. It covers both the claimant’s legal fees and any amount awarded to them as well as your own defense costs.

There are three main kinds of Liability Insurance:

  • Public Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Employers Liability

Public Liability protects your company from claims by members of the public for injury and loss of or damage to property. A claim like this could be enough to shut down a small business or seriously damage a larger one. This is why most businesses invest in Public Liability, but it’s particularly important for businesses that attract a lot of people, such as bars and clubs, restaurants, shopping centres, theatres and sports stadiums.

Product Liability covers your company against claims of bodily harm or damage due to a defective product made or sold by you or your company. It’s required under certain legislation (such as the EC Directive on Product Liability (25/7/85) and the UK Consumer Protection Act 1987) for businesses that manufacture or supply certain products. Potential liability varies greatly between industries and can be especially high if your company makes or sells pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electrical devices, chemicals and foods.
 Employers Liability insures an employer against claims made by an employee for death, injury, illness or disease as a result of work practices.

Again, the amount of liability can vary greatly depending on industry and what risks employees may be exposed to. To find out more about Liability Insurance, get in touch with our advisors. Not only will we help determine the kind of cover you need, we’ll also identify the best value policies available from the most reputable providers.

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